How to solve VXDIAG GM GDS2 “No Valid Lease Found”?

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How to solve VXDIAG GM GDS2 “No Valid Lease Found”?

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I have one vxdiag vcx nano gm cable and when running GDS2 software, I get error “no valid lease found” .

I tried to reset the computer date to China date, uninstall anti-virus program, reinstall GDS2 software, all the same results.


Possible reason and solution:

You may start GDS2 software from VX Manager, please run GDS2 from patch directly.


Watch video: 02.2019 GDS2 Software win7 installation for VXDIAG Nano


GM GDS2 V20.3.05100 win7 installation guide:

Step 1: Auto install GDS2 2019_02

run GDS2AutoInstall.exe to install GDS2 2019_02

vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-02 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-03

Step 2: install Vxmanager

Run “VX Manager”.

vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-04 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-05

Step 3: install GDS2/Tech2win driver

Plug VXDIAG GM to install GDS2/Tech2win driver.

Click on “VX Manager” -> Install -> Install complete VCX PDU Driver (GM MDI)

vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-06 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-07

Step 4: run GDS2 to diagnose Buick Excelle 2010

Run GDS2 and choose a language: English


GDS 2 expiration: 9729 days

GDS 2 version 20.3.05100


Choose MDI2, connect MDI2.

vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-10 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-11

Read VIN -> choose model year-> Buick -Excelle.

GDS2 test on Buick Excelle 2010 : module diagnosis -> body control module -> headlamp: halogen (T4A TT4) -> body style: hatch back

diagnostic trouble code – chassis control data – body control module

vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-12 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-13 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-14 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-15 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-16 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-17 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-18 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-19 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-20 vxdiag-gm-gds2-no-valid-lease-found-solution-21

Job is done.

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